Induction door principle principle of glass induction door

We have always said that induction doors are the general term for electric induction doors, electronic induction doors, and glass induction doors, and so on. Do these different induction doors have the same principle? Next Xiaobian will introduce the knowledge of the induction door for everyone: the principle of electric induction door, the principle of electronic induction door and the principle of glass induction door .

Inductive door principle : When the inductive detector detects that someone enters, it sends the pulse signal to the master controller. After the master controller judges, it informs the motor to run. At the same time, it monitors the number of motor revolutions to inform the motor to increase the force and enter the slow running at a certain time. . After the motor gets a certain operating current, it will run in a forward direction, transmit the power to the timing belt, and then the power will be transmitted to the spreader system through the timing belt to open the door. After the door fan is opened, the controller will make a judgment. If the door needs to be closed, the motor will be informed To exercise, close the door leaf.

The working principle of the electric induction door and the electronic induction door is actually the same as the above induction door principle, except that the electric induction door and the electric induction door adopt electric start. The electronic sensor door has excellent features of high intelligence and humanization. It uses a powerful microcomputer processor and a detailed sensing system to provide stable and durable performance; allowing users to fully enjoy the convenience of modern technology. The electronic sensor door is dust-proof and windproof, effectively controlling the flow of people.

Electronic sensor door features:

1. Microcomputer intelligent control and advanced machinery manufacturing;

2. Automatically adjust the operating state of the door leaf, and manually adjust it if necessary;

3, smooth opening and closing, low noise;

4, brushless motor, long service life;

5, double door interlock and electronic lock function, support a variety of access control systems;

6, both heavy and light, bearing capacity;

7, easy to install.

Glass induction door principle:

Whether the glass door is activated by induction door or by induction door automatic door machine and other main starting systems, only the door leaf is made of glass, so it is called glass door. The advantage of glass door is good. The decorative features, while protecting against heat and cold, are used in large supermarkets or in large hotels as induction doors that are made of glass.

The principle of the electric induction door, the principle of the electronic induction door, and the principle of the glass induction door are briefly introduced here. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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