Bathroom decoration acceptance, small common sense, overall planning, prevention

Today's home improvement generally does not need us to actually operate, all kinds of construction team's one-stop service, comprehensive and thoughtful to bring us great convenience. We don't need actual operation, and it is enough if we encounter the bean curd project. If you want to make a perfect bathroom renovation while you are relaxing, then you can't help but know the bathroom decoration.

Step 1: Wall decoration acceptance wall

The wall and floor of the bathroom should be flat and non-slip. First of all, we should use the naked eye to see if there are any obvious bumps, cracks, defects, etc., such as whether the gap between the tiles is uniform, consistent, and whether the caulking is full. Then we can use the small hammer to gently tap the tile on the wall or the ground. Everyone must remember that the action must be requested. The location of the tap should be the four corners of the tile and the center position. If there is an empty sound, you must rework. Because there is a lot of water in the bathroom, the floor drain should be checked during the acceptance of the bathroom decoration (should be at the lowest point on the ground). It is best to do a waterproof test. The test time should be 24 hours.

Step 2: The ceiling of the bathroom decoration acceptance

The material of the ceiling should be waterproof. The more common waterproof ceiling materials are mineral wool board, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, plastic steel board and so on. Among them, PVC board is more resistant to dirt, low cost and easy to install, and is the most popular in the market.

Step 3: Doors and windows and sanitary wares for bathroom decoration acceptance

Generally speaking, the space in the bathroom is relatively small, and there is a lot of water vapor, so even if there is no window, an exhaust fan is still needed, so that the air can be circulated normally. If the exhaust fan cannot be installed on the wall, you can make a fuss on the door to keep the gap between the door and the ground. The sanitary ware of the bathroom is mainly a wash table, a toilet, etc. Everyone should pay attention to whether the drainage is smooth and whether there is water accumulation when the toilet is inspected. The interface between the toilet and the floor tile should be made of silica gel instead of white cement.

Step 4: Water circuit renovation for bathroom decoration acceptance

The bathroom is the same as the kitchen, and the hydropower is also the key project for the acceptance of the bathroom. The wires of the bathroom must be wrapped with insulating tape so that there is no electric shock. Waterproof protection should also be provided for switch panels.

Everyone in the bathroom decoration acceptance work according to the small series said that these four steps are absolutely no problem! Although the bathroom is heavy, but some green plants can survive in this environment, such as tiger-tail orchid, it can absorb The moisture in the air, it is good to use it in the window sill or corner of the bathroom, absolutely kill two birds!

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