Which type of gate is better than the waterproof performance?

Which kind of gates is better waterproof performance? For open places, channel gates must have a waterproof function, because the gates are some of the original electronic devices, once the water, it will lead to internal devices short circuit, burned, and will inevitably affect the entire System operation. The company's gate adopts seamless welding and splicing technology to assemble the various components of the gate, and another drainage channel is designed inside each of the splicing components so that even if the water enters, the water will be drained from the drainage sluice, thus excluding the internal components from being flooded. danger.

In addition, the choice of channel gates should be as follows:

1, the appearance of the gate: a good appearance, will give a good first impression, so the first step in the selection of the gate is to choose a good appearance, the company has a group of high-quality mold designers, According to many years of experience in gate production, combined with advanced concepts from abroad, a variety of streamlined inspection gates have been designed. This has won the praise of new and old customers.

2, gate casting material selection: Material is an important indicator to determine whether a gate is solid and durable, innovation through the use of stainless steel design, steel 304 # stainless steel wire drawing board, 304 has a high nickel content (high brightness), not easy to Rust, good toughness characteristics.

3, the movement of the gate: the movement inside the gate, often easily overlooked by people, in fact, this is an important indicator to determine the performance of the gate, the company's movement using advanced foreign production processes, an average of 3 million can be reached No failure.

Note: The general channel gate brakes are not recommended for use in the open air. Although the company's brakes have a waterproof function, the use of the brakes in the open will have a higher probability of failure. If it is necessary to use it in the open air, the company will add a waterproof cover to the control equipment inside the gate casing according to the situation, which can effectively prevent water vapor intrusion and affect the brake.

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