How much is the kitchen cabinet? 2018 latest cabinet prices

In addition to the quality of kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet how much money should be the lot of consumers buy kitchen cabinets are most concerned about it. In order to know how much a kitchen cabinet is , it is necessary to know the calculation method of the kitchen cabinet and the factors that affect the price of the kitchen cabinet. Today Xiaobian came to answer everyone's questions about how much the kitchen cabinets cost .

Kitchen cabinet how much kitchen cabinet price calculation

There are two general methods for calculating the price of a kitchen cabinet: the Yanmi pricing method and the cabinet pricing method.

1, Yan meter pricing method

Yan meter is a unit of measurement. A linear meter is an extension meter and is commonly used in cabinet products. Because in addition to cabinets, the general furniture is often talk and pieces. A delay meter cabinet includes a one-meter-long console and a one-meter-long wall cabinet, usually a one-meter meter price, which is included above and below. If only the base cabinet is not a cabinet, it will be converted according to the ratio of "2/8" or "4/6".

Yan meter pricing method is calculated according to the following formula:

Hanging Cabinet Meters * Cabinet Unit Price + Cabinet Meters * Floor Unit Price + Counter Measure * Unit Price + (Adding hardware, glass, lamp, etc., can be added) = Cabinet price

2, cabinet pricing method

This pricing method is based on the calculation of cabinet doors, cabinets, and hardware as a whole. The cabinet pricing method is based on a separate cabinet.

3, illustrate two pricing methods

For example, a kitchen of about 8 square meters, cabinets about 3 meters long, there are three sets of cabinets, two sets of cabinets. We can use these two pricing methods to calculate the price.

Method one: Yan meter pricing method. The price of the unit is 3 meters long. If the price is 2,000 yuan/meter, the price of 3 meters is 6,000 yuan.

Method two: cabinet pricing. The price of three sets of cabinets + the price of two sets of cabinets. For example, the price of a set of cabinets is 1,200 yuan, and that of the three sets is 3,600 yuan. The price of a group of hanging cabinets is 800 yuan, and that of the two groups of hanging cabinets is 1600 yuan, then the total price is 5,200 yuan.

How much kitchen cabinet prices affect the factors

Now, our domestic cabinets are basically calculated in terms of linear meters, and each linear meter includes cabinets and closets. Which length is longer depends on which length. The unit price is generally a few hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars, and the price of the cabinet surface material is different, stone countertops, stainless steel cabinet countertops and fire board material table, etc., different materials bring different price.

Among them, the price of the whole cabinet is definitely higher than that of a normal combination cabinet. A little cheaper overall cabinet price is generally around 800 yuan per meter. Most of these cabinets come from relatively small manufacturers. Everybody must carefully check the quality when choosing.

Kitchen cabinet how much kitchen cabinet price calculation considerations

1. To calculate the cabinet price, first make an accurate measurement. If there is a range hood above the cabinet, then only accept the money from the cabinet; pay attention not to repeat the rule at the corner when measuring the cabinet size, otherwise it will take about 0.6 meters of cabinet money.

2, choose a good reputation, trustworthy cabinet brand, while consumers themselves in the purchase of cabinets also have to cabinet size, hardware, plates and other knowing.

3. After the specific design plan comes out, if there is any change, the number of cabinets, floor cabinets, hardware, and other accessories that are changed shall be listed one by one. When you talk about the price, you need to check it clearly and indicate where you want to change it when signing the contract.

The above is about the kitchen cabinet how much money related solutions, for those who have purchased or have installed the kitchen cabinet at home, the price per meter is the integrated price of the cabinet and the closet, in this range, if Is not one of the two, the price per meter will be calculated in accordance with two-eighths and four-sixths. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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