From the Da Vinci furniture to see consumers' "staying at the end" consumer mentality

On July 10th, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" exposed the fraud incident of Da Vinci Home Company. On July 13, Da Vinci held a press conference, and the general manager Pan Zhuang Xiuhua was in tears, but did not respond directly to CCTV's doubts. During the meeting, a man who claimed to be a consumer suddenly got up and asked Pan Zhuang Xiuhua: What I want to know most now is whether your furniture will harm my wife and children. Regardless of who is true or who is false, who is right and who is wrong, this gentleman’s question is indeed worth pondering. The paradox of publicity is not the quality of Da Vinci furniture, but the false identity of Da Vinci's "foreign furniture." Think carefully, is it for comfort and health, or for vanity and luxury? The foreign brand was investigated by the Superstition Zero Company on the “Chinese citizens’ choice of consumption patterns for domestic and foreign goods”. The survey results show that 87.8% of consumers choose foreign goods because of their quality. trust. In the eyes of most people, foreign brands represent "quality" and "security". This kind of advocacy of "foreign brands" reflects to some extent the distrust of consumers about domestic products and businesses. Is this really true? There is a set of data to refer to: In 2010, China's furniture exports reached 32.99 billion US dollars, an increase of 30.3%, the total export volume accounted for a quarter of the world, the upward trend is still strong, while Italy, Canada, the United States and other major furniture countries have exports. A downward trend. In fact, as early as 2008, China’s furniture exports surpassed the “furniture export kingdom” of Italy and became the world’s number one. The US "Wall Street Journal" has reported that the quality of furniture made in China has improved significantly in recent years and is quite popular in the US market. So Chinese furniture that has been swaying in the international market is not optimistic in the domestic market. Chinese furniture that has received rave reviews from foreign consumers has been left out of the "self-family" and can not help but sigh. The "Yang brand" is not a myth that is not tainted, such as SK-II (cosmetic brand), CHANEL (clothing brand), SONY (camera brand), TOYOTA (car brand), etc. have been detected quality problems. From this point of view, the quality of the product does not lie in nationality. Before the "foreign brand" represented the "high quality", it was only a one-sided understanding. Face consumption only depends on the price of Italy's "24-hour Sun" evaluation of the Da Vinci furniture incident: "Da Vinci will sell a large number of extremely low-quality products at high prices, using Chinese consumers blindly pursuing Italian luxury The psychology of the goods. "The irony is that the furniture that is actually imported from Italy, but not the price of Da Vinci furniture sold. Hou Jing, an expert on social psychology at Beijing Normal University, said in an interview: Some consumers in China do have a misplaced consumer mentality of "only choose expensive, not right." On the one hand, this consumption pattern comes from the Chinese people's consumption level and the desire to consume; on the other hand, according to Baudrillard's symbolic consumption theory, this kind of "buy expensive and not buy right" consumer behavior is actually a kind of Symbol consumption. Consumers spend hundreds of thousands of yuan and millions of dollars to buy furniture, not for practical purposes, but for the face, the high-priced consumer goods as a symbol of identity and class. Hou Jing believes that only the price mentality of “returning to the end”, which does not look at the quality, reflects the immature consumer psychology of Chinese consumers. Behind the mentality of “famous brand” and “high price” is the lack of rational consumption and the misplacement of values. It is the embodiment of vanity and blindness. This is also a psychological hotbed for fake foreign brands to be popular. Market confidence needs to be restored. As the saying goes, "Quality is the first life of an enterprise." In fact, "Made in China" has a world-class level in production, but it does not reach the reputation of "foreign brand." Chinese brands want to win back to the market, not only need to reasonably guide consumers to rational consumption, but also pay attention to their own brand building and corporate image shaping, and do both internal and external repair. In the interview, the reporter was informed that Da Vinci and Ou Dian flooring are actually using their mature technology and equipment to make OEM production for their own brands. When the reporter visited Da Vinci’s business outlets, a customer said that it was not exactly “Chongyang Meiwai”, but the domestic lack of influential and well-known brands, so when making product choices, consumers are more Tend to choose a big foreign brand. Professor Hui Hui of Beijing Normal University believes: “A successful brand needs to be well-known and well-known. These two points are the survival of a company and need decades and hundreds of years of accumulation and precipitation.” Perhaps too Quick success, some Chinese companies are lacking in the future of the premium through the shaping of the brand. If domestic enterprises want to win back to the market, they need to make more articles on brand building, so that the Chinese people can restore their self-confidence and recognition of “own brands”. Looking at the development status of China's furniture industry, the Da Vinci incident is not accidental. The reason why it can be produced and maintained is behind its “environment” and “soil” that are suitable for survival. From this perspective, the Da Vinci incident may be just the tip of the iceberg.

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