Enjoy leisure, good spring, two 300 yuan file Korean lazy sofa recommended

Looking at the wet weather outside the window, what Kaina wants to do most is to enjoy the leisure time at home. A cup of lemon tea, a magazine or a TV will let me have an afternoon. At this time, if there is a lazy couch, the spring is perfect. How to let the spring day go to lazy leisure time, the following small series for you to recommend two creative and interesting lazy sofa: Meiyijia SFN0204 series and good things 680-8-6239 series lazy sofa, and everyone to take a look Their unique creativity. 1, lazy sofa size: Meiyijia SFN0204 series and good things 680-8-6239 series lazy sofa size is quite large, suitable for young people to watch TV, listen to music, read books, play games when they are at home. The two creative lazy sofas are individually designed, comfortable and simple, and are not limited to a single use, the collection is more convenient, and the space is more widely used. Can make your life more fun. 2, the material of the lazy sofa: Meiyijia SFN0204 series lazy sofa material uses ordinary sea surface, recycled cotton, PV velvet, white double-layer cloth eye cloth, so that the sofa seat cushion is soft and comfortable to touch. The mesh cloth outside the sofa can be removed, and it can be used in the summer. It is very cool and can be removed in winter. It is made of PV plush and it is very comfortable to sit on. The good 680-8-6239 series lazy sofa is mainly composed of carbon steel, sponge and short plush material. The whole sofa is divided into 18 squares. The sofa is very full, effectively eliminating the fatigue of the body and letting you sit up. Enjoy the comfort, the sofa pattern is fresh and green, it looks stylish and beautiful, close to nature, can give people a sense of elegance, relaxation and security. The lazy couch can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and other places. Read Index: Page1: Meiyijia SFN0204 series and good things 680-8-6239 series lazy sofa size, material Page2: two sofa folding effect comparison, characteristic design, parameter comparison, summary

Veneer Mdf board is mainly used for laminate floor, door sheet, partition, furniture,  decoration of indoor&outdoor, office and home furniture, sould equipment, inside decoration of the car, antistatic floor of computer room, panel, security door, wall board etc, and also used for the package and the basic material of laminate Wood Flooring.

Veneer MDF Board is easily for coating finishing, every coating, oil paint are also on the surface of Veneer  MDF , is the fist choice as the basic material of painting effects.Veneer MDF is one kind of beautiful material of decoration. Smooth and flat surface, fine texture, steady property. All kinds of venner, gummed paper, light metal plate, melamine paper etc, is also can on the surface of the Plain Mdf . Plain MDF is made from acoustical board after drilling, is used in construction decorative progress, such as meeting room, displaying room, office etc. And we have  Veneer UV MDF and Sapele Veneered MDF.

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Veneer Mdf Details:

size:1220*2440MM 1830*3660MM 1830*2440MM 915&610*3660MM 1220*2800MM 1525*2440MM





veneer mdf

Veneer Mdf

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