New trends in environmentally friendly furniture: Reusable materials are popular

According to the US October 10 news: the global furniture industry is struggling to find the much-needed life-saving pills from some unconventional ways. In the years before this, who would think of "recycled" wood, bicycle tires or bourbon barrels and other materials can be a bit of a side with the industry, let alone save it from the precarious sales dilemma. However, according to data from the MarketTransformation to Sustainability, since 2007, sales of green furniture have increased by 20% annually to the current $250 million. Although it is only a small number in the home decoration industry with a market value of $76 billion, it is also a symbol of vitality that has rarely been seen in the furniture industry in recent times. By flipping through the magazines in the newsstand, you can see that the design products are desperately stained with a little green and green light, from the corrugated cardboard lamps (recyclable!) to the surplus The couches wrapped in tent materials are not uncommon. Mainstream brands like IKEA (see map) and Pottery Barn are also among the environmental torrents, and they have come up with products such as soy-based cushions and certified sustainable wood products to show their position. It's easy to reconcile this environmental trend that is rising globally. However, some furniture industry insiders said that the prevalence of environmental trends is partly due to the economic situation of the recession to curb the conspicuous luxury consumption, luxury materials such as velvet and calfskin seem to be moving away from people's attention. These days, some trend observers say that some fashionable armchairs are more likely to use the coarse-grained material of the age as the surface decoration to achieve a more approachable and far-reaching effect. Under such an economy, interior designer Loser Furth from Los Angeles said that people don't want to leave a feeling of money, but "if it's an environmentally friendly green product, it doesn't matter if it costs more." The use of materials from reusable or recycled materials is not a fresh idea, but the practice of this kind of thinking has recently become more and more intense. For example, a used bourbon barrel can't be used as a trendy side table. A design firm in Brooklyn, New York, made a $2,800 chair with recycled car springs. In addition, the range of recycled materials is much broader than wood. Under the current design trend of reducing landfill volume, a bar stool made of old chrome bicycle wheels can also sell for $425. Although you may not need avant-garde decorations to be green, there are indeed more environmentally savvy designers trying to cater to this mainstream taste. You may not be able to imagine that the Adirondack chair from Loll Designs is actually made from a melted milk jug. Or the original decorations of Lee Ndustries are actually some recycled plastic bottles and metal springs. However, how can consumers identify which products are really good for the environment, and which ones actually only have a whitewash effect? Experts say consumers can choose products from members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The industry consortium requires its highest-ranking member companies to be certified by the Sustainable Materials Rating Technology. The problem is that many brands that use environmental protection to attract customers do not have similar certifications, including IKEA. IKEA has said that it is too difficult for its suppliers all over the world to meet the regulatory requirements of the forest. Even some companies that have already been certified will not strictly comply with the relevant requirements in their actual production. In addition, such certification and environmental requirements often result in additional costs. Copeland Furniture, which has products in 17 states, says that using certified wood has increased its cost by 10%, and this cost increase is bound to be attached to consumers. But overall, the cost of environmentally friendly furniture for mass production is still lower than the limited edition design. Pottery Barn's eco-friendly sofas start at $999, and those fabrics are used for used military tents? $3,995! - Not to mention the patch they all have.

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