Furniture New Deal involves the whole industry children's furniture enterprises ready to go

According to the survey data of relevant institutions, the release of “two children alone” is expected to add 8 million new births within five years. According to industry insiders, this is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity for the baby industry, and the children's furniture industry will obviously benefit. The trend is to welcome the new children's furniture companies to be ready for analysis. In recent years, children's furniture sales are more and more willing to spend a lot of money on products that contribute to children's healthy growth, accompanied by the latest birth policy. Economic effects, the market share of children's products in the furniture industry will increase. With the promotion of the New Deal, and the international home furnishing brands have entered the children's furniture industry in China, the competition of children's furniture in channels and brands will also intensify. Peng Hong, general manager of the Colorful Life Children's Furniture Marketing Center, believes that although the children's furniture market is very attractive, compared with ordinary furniture, children's furniture has higher requirements for production technology, safety and environmental protection, while also taking into account children's physiology, Psychological needs. "It is a good thing, the market demand is big, children's furniture is definitely better than the current market in the next few years, and it is also a driving force for the development of enterprises." A brand of children's furniture store manager said. In the interview, a number of resident children's furniture brands in various home furnishing stores in Beijing expressed their pleasure to liberalize the implementation of “two children alone” and adapt to the national policy to adjust the overall layout and product structure of the country to meet new opportunities. The deepening of the subdivision of multi-person children's furniture will increase the "two children" policy will allow more and more families to have two children, children's rooms and children's products suitable for many children will gradually increase. Wu Wensheng, general manager of Ximengbao Children's Furniture Beijing, said that different needs of consumers put forward higher requirements for product design. "For example, we will ask when we are looking for parents' needs in the future. Is your family a child or two? Children? Are they separated or what? Different customers have different products to deal with.” Wu Wensheng said that in the case of Beijing, there were also “double-independent” families of two children and twins. “In fact, our products have already Covering this kind of past 'minority' demand, but this kind of situation will be more in the future. It is understood that whether it is 50% of the domestic children's furniture exported to Europe and America like Ximengbao, or like Scandinavian children in Scandinavia Furniture, which is imported and domestically sold in China, has the early experience of designing multi-person children's furniture instead of starting from scratch. "From our product line, because they are imported from Denmark, Denmark has no birth restrictions. They have been designing for two or three children. There are a lot of children's furniture products for two or three children." Zhou Dayong, general manager of Scandinavian children's furniture, such as Freisa and Mannich, said. Despite the inherent advantages of design concept, industry insiders said that design from Europe can be used as a reference, but it must be oriented according to China's family housing pattern and different consumer demand, and on this basis, size adjustment and design innovation. . Invariant production still dominates the mainstream customization. Whether the market Dongfeng's customization of children's furniture will have greater demand due to the New Deal, Peng Hong, general manager of the Colorful Life Marketing Center believes that many domestic children's furniture brands are mostly fine-tuned to meet children. Personalized needs, most of the products can be adjusted according to the child's age, height, weight, preferences, cabinet size and product color. “For example, children's furniture manufacturing safety curved round corners require special production tools, decorative paints also need to use higher environmental protection products, handles and hardware details such as how to be practical and safe must be thought of in advance. Well, it is very easy to have hidden dangers." Peng Hong said. In addition, due to the variability of today's society, children's preferences are more difficult to ponder, and sometimes they come quickly. These practical problems have led some parents to abandon the "customized" furniture for their children and purchase the assembly line products. Peng Hong said that mass-produced children's furniture is not in conflict with custom-made children's furniture. Mass production will also occupy a large market share in a short period of time. As the market matures and consumer demand increases, custom-made children's furniture will surely Become a big trend.

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