Demystifying the environmental protection of panel furniture: the substrate is filled with formaldehyde and the formaldehyde is exceeded.

The formaldehyde problem of furniture is a recognized problem in the industry, especially for panel furniture. The substrate is generally made of wood-based panels and furniture coatings. If the materials used do not meet the environmental requirements, it is easy to cause indoor air to exceed the standard. The industry believes that the environmental protection of panel furniture ultimately depends on the use of the substrate. However, due to the chaotic phenomenon of the current market, the environmental protection is not up to standard, so that consumers do not trust the panel furniture.

The plate-type furniture substrate is submerged. The plate furniture is relatively cheap compared with the solid wood furniture. The price is also cheaper than the taste of the mass consumers. However, the environmental protection of the plate furniture has also plagued many consumers.
The editor found in the survey that many brands claim that their furniture uses the "Lushuihe" plate. For consumers, the "Lushuihe" plate is the basic guarantee for environmental protection and quality. In the process of purchasing, I heard that the board of the Lushui River in Jilin is like a heart-breaking pill. But once the furniture comes into play, many owners will obviously feel the air pollution in the room is serious, only to know that they have been deceived.
It is understood that 80% of the panel furniture on the market claims to use the Lushuihe plate, but in fact there are not so many enterprises. Many manufacturers only hold the signboard of "Lushuihe", and some use only a small amount of authentic plates.
"Because such things happen repeatedly, consumers lose confidence in panel furniture, and the entire industry is skeptical about panel furniture, so that the furniture factory that really uses the Jilin Sengong (Lushuihe) E1 ring material has been implicated!" Manager Liu of Meiruike Furniture reluctantly told the editor, “This is also why the decoration owner would rather give up the furniture craftsmanship and details, and choose the decoration company to play the furniture on the spot.”

Edge sealing is a process that does not reduce the release of formaldehyde. In the process of purchasing panel furniture, it is often heard that the sealing edge treatment is in place. This is understood by many people as an important means to reduce formaldehyde release. A well-known cabinet maker once said this, "Only when the sealing is done, the formaldehyde release will be reduced!"
In this regard, the manager of the Meridian Furniture Nanjing store using the Lushuihe plate said that in the process of purchasing furniture, look at the “green product” logo recognized by the state, whether there is a strong pungent smell, and the edge of the furniture. Whether it is strict or not, these are very necessary. However, he also pointed out that whether the specification of furniture edge-sealing only represents the quality of the process, and that it has a reduction in the amount of formaldehyde released, he said that consumers have entered a misunderstanding.

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