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In this long-awaited renovation season, home exhibitions continue to contend, and new home products are competing. How to find the future home in the complicated and complicated? The decorators have their own opinions.
Do not follow the trend, do not follow the blind, understand yourself, obey the life, and finally, with design as the guide, scientific and reasonable planning of the home space, this is probably the general principle recognized by everyone. In this issue, we ask the home improvement company to show the design, in order to give you some reference; at the International Furniture Fair, the excellent design of furniture has been introduced, we select the most creative ones, accompany you to open the way of life; fresh building materials have been put on the shelves Read the knowledge you may not know and hope to give you some tips.
Connotation reflects the value function determines the market ---
The 15th China International Furniture Fair has come to an end, and “Design” has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of this exhibition. Following the scan of the exhibition reported by the newspaper last week, the results of the “China Furniture Association Golden Axe China Furniture Design Award Competition” held in conjunction with the exhibition were also released. It is reported that the Golden Axe Awards Selection Committee consists of industry associations, brand companies and design workers. In the end, more than 20 people have shared the various categories of professional and office groups, and the award-winning works will have the opportunity to Brand cooperation goes to market.
According to the Golden Axe Organizing Committee, the Golden Axe Award is a furniture design award set by the China Furniture Association according to the development of the industry. It aims to encourage product innovation and new generation through design competitions. Each Grand Prix lasts for two years. The first year is the collection of design works and the finalists competition. The second year is the production and evaluation of the finalists. Since furniture is a durable consumer product, the product's creative growth and maturity cycle is a long time. Launching a product too soon will definitely lead to its maturity. In order for the designer to think more deeply about a work, the organizing committee set the competition time to two years, leaving more space and room for the designer to produce better design ideas.
In addition, it is worth noting that this year's Golden Axe Professional Group Office Gold Award, College Group Comprehensive Gold Award, Bronze Award and College Group Office Silver Award are all vacant, China's furniture design is growing, and China's furniture design is still Work hard!
Master chair of the professional group Miscellaneous Bronze: Tong Li "Master Chair" is the owner of the family designed to provide daily receive guests, read books and newspapers, watching TV, seating and other features. In the design of the seat, the author boldly combines traditional Ming style furniture into the modern modeling semantics to innovate, and strives to make breakthroughs on the basis of traditional furniture. This "master chair" focuses on the health and comfort of the seat, using a combination of warm hardwood and rattan to achieve comfortable ventilation, warm winter and cool summer. In the production process, the enamel structure of Ming furniture is used, and the surface treatment method combining natural lacquer and wax is more environmentally friendly.
Chinese wind harps on the chair of the professional group Miscellaneous Gold: Lu Hua circle "Harmonious · Resonance" of the chair is made of rosewood, the name is borrowed from the cultural meaning of the image and texture of the process to build beyond the furniture and objects with a line " Unique objects." The author uses the normal object of the chair to describe the humanistic rationality of history China, and further explores how furniture design moves from traditional crafts to innovation. Designers use their works to elaborate their point of view: in addition to satisfying the relationship between people's "body" and "space", furniture can also provide people with a sense of happiness in life and a representation of the master's life style. This is furniture that can fuse things. The double meaning of the line and the line.
Love the family's "fun"
Comprehensive professional group of bronze: Chai Xiaodong The furniture consists of a combination of several single sofa and a small sofa together, can be combined into a variety of functions necessary for life based on individual needs, such as living room furniture, bedding, coffee table Wait. The author said that in the process of changing the combination of furniture, users can experience the joy of change, so that life is no longer the same, this is the taste of the home: warm love.
Family of three professional group Miscellaneous Silver Author: Chen Weilong works on a "home" as the theme of a combination of design chairs. The black chair (the outermost layer) represents the father, he is calm, steady, and protective; the white chair (middle) is the mother, she is elegant, pure, and tightly surrounds the innermost chair; the red chair (the innermost) Layer) means the child, the shape is lively and lovely. The whole design is simple in design, bright in color, can be placed and used separately when needed, and can also be combined with three chairs to reflect the unity and harmony of the family. Of course, it also reduces the storage space. .
Bronze comprehensive professional group of Vitality Lounge Chair: Zhang Xinhong Wu Shandan work, more than life, modern people are pursuing modest leisure and relaxation. The transparent tension, the concise curve, and the rounded curved surface always give a moment of tranquility. The ancient symbolic imprint will also give people the freedom to get out of the dust. This is the main purpose of this leisure chair design. According to the author, the work achieves overall strength through the internal metal skeleton, the surface copper plate is welded and embedded with decorative patterns, the seat surface is provided with a transparent acrylic plate, and the side façade is a simple curve with a decorative band and a smooth curved surface. The combination of the warmth of the metal plate and the orange acrylic sheet is in response to the rhythm of life and modern values.
Chai professional group of comprehensive Excellence Award: Peng Huang either highly developed material civilization of today, we have a natural origin of life is less and less. The local, natural, cultural and bloody feelings will become a theme for people to think about in the future. The gradual disappearance of "Chai" represents a scene of life with the symbol of "Chai" is about to disappear. How to reasonably record and continue the most representative symbols in this scene? This is the meaning of the author's design. The work uses hemp rope to connect each piece of "Chai" and create an image through the cross-section of each "Chai" and the force of the hemp rope. Then through different materials and color changes, let this "symbol" continue in a reasonable and viable way in another way of existence. Let thinking through the works through the past and the future, to explore the origin of life.
Dream Box Professional set of comprehensive Excellence Award Author: Wang Jiafeng designers say, the design of the traditional grid and calligraphic elements to decorate, Chinese saying goes, "together for a long minute, long period of division", easily bored according to people long-term use of a furniture The habit of the author cleverly uses one body to cut different styles of furniture, so that the shape of the furniture is unconstrained and can be placed and combined at will. Functionally, it can be a simple split into two, a set of coffee tables and seats. When there are many people, you can take out the drawer and add two seats. It can also be combined into one. All the furniture is put together, which saves the storage space.
Last month the branches - a comprehensive set of professional chair of the Excellence Award category: Cao Jing we love, and every corner of the house, every object has left traces and marks the time of life. For a better life, maybe we will leave home. But at any moment, I can't get rid of my family's thoughts, especially at the time of the full moon. "The branch on the moon - the chair" is based on this conception. Modern industrial products may still be as bright as new after a few years of use. The author hopes that this bright and new object will also leave traces of time polishing; the traces of time carving; the traces polished by climate, moisture, and sunlight. The texture caused by natural forces is rich and colorful, so that the family has more natural texture, which makes her close and touchable.
New Chinese - Comprehensive Professional Excellence Award of Aston armchair Group: Jinhui elegant, smooth lines, concise structure is rigorous literati favorite. The S-shaped curve of the backrest of the work is ergonomic, and the s-curve of the streamlined handrail adds comfort. The bottom of the slab is bent and flossed, and the top of the round cross-shoulder is shaped like a Nanguan hat. The backrest is carved with Fushou. The cloud pattern is used as an embellishment to express the temperament of the chair. The designer hopes to embody the integration of humanism and humanism with humanized design.
Professional magician comprehensive set of Excellence Award of the house: Tang Liping nowadays, the per capita housing area of ​​growing tension, a small living room area favored the younger generation in their "dwelling" are more willing hands to assemble furniture in a mix and match among Create warmth and style, and this is just a new way of life. This design is made up of a combination of ash wood frame and soft fabric. The wooden frame that was originally the base of the chair can be turned into a small coffee table according to the needs of the home. The soft part is connected by a zipper, which can be detached and combined to change into a seat. Lazy, playable magic furniture.
"Bath" professional group chair of the Comprehensive Excellence Award: Lu Chen "bath chair" design inspiration from the tub with a strong Chinese cultural characteristics. In the ancient times when productivity was underdeveloped, Chinese craftsmen and craftsmen could use only a piece of wood to make a bathtub that could not be leaked. This reflects the magic of Chinese woodworking technology and craftsmanship. In the Chinese characters, the “bath” has the extended meaning of immersing in some environment, while the “bath chair” has the design meaning of immersing people in a comfortable bathing environment and a strong cultural atmosphere. Put the "bath" chair in the bedroom of the young city, two groups, and have fun. And the group can also be used as a crib, which not only saves space, but also is flexible.
Comprehensive professional group co Excellence Award Author: Chen Weilong of the clothes closet designed to Chinese classical pattern as a design element, which is integrated into the product material now, there is a classic charm, but also full of a sense of modern flavor. This furniture design looks like an ordinary cabinet in appearance, but it can show different charms through different kinds of placement. The cabinet can be rotated by 0-180 degrees through the hinge. You can use it as a bookshelf, or use it as an antique frame, or as a storage shelf for other items. In this way, the space is reasonably utilized, and the long-term visual fatigue is not caused by the unity of the product.

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