How to fly the security door

Feiyun anti-theft door has been praised by consumers for its excellent quality assurance. What are the advantages of the anti-theft door and other brands of anti-theft doors? The following let Xiao Bian answer everyone in the end how to fly security doors and cloud security door price reference?

How to fly the security door

Feiyun Security Door is one of the main products of Harbin Feiyun Industry Co., Ltd. The sales center of Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd. stands on the No.100 Changjiang Road. The company's consumption base is located in the famous “hometown of power” in China. The factory occupies an area of ​​40,000 square meters and the plant is 30,000 square meters, with a total assets of 200 million yuan. The company has 7 branch factories and 13 functional departments, 1700 outstanding employees and a professional and technical team with strong scientific and technological development capabilities. The company has 26 sales subsidiaries and more than 100 sales outlets throughout the country, completing the sales network.

Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in steel filing cabinets, steel safes, steel anti-theft doors, fire doors, and steel-wood book archives, and develops new products such as electric intensive filing cabinets and supermarket shelves. product. Over the years, Feiyun Company has made use of high technology to transform traditional industries into its own. After 20 years of unremitting efforts, Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd. has successively won the title of "National Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau to Honor Enterprises with Respective Contracts in 2002". "Fei Yun card" products for many years been hailed as Heilongjiang Province brand-name products.

The secret of the success of the Feiyun anti-theft door lies in the powerful strength of the Feiyun Group in home security door cabinets. The most important feature of the anti-theft door is its strong security, solid durability, open sensitivity, and beautiful appearance. Feiyun anti-theft door is suitable for civil buildings and residences, high-rise buildings and confidential rooms, and financial departments. In addition, the locks used on the anti-theft door of the cloud must be the special locks for the anti-theft door with anti-drilling function that have passed the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security. Similar to other brands of anti-theft doors, the manufacture of Feiyun anti-theft doors can be manufactured using different materials. However, as long as they have passed the specification test, the doormen who obtain the production licenses for safe defense products are called anti-theft doors.

Feiyun anti-theft door device points

(1) The device for the anti-theft door of the cloud shall comply with the type of anti-theft door used and shall adopt the method of complying with the device.

(2) The door frame of Feiyun anti-theft door can be fixed with shrink bolts and walls. It can also embed iron pieces at the entrance of holes when masonry walls are built.

(3) Regardless of the joining mode of the door frame and the wall, each side should not be less than 3 anchorage points, and should be solidly connected.

(4) When installing the anti-theft door, it should be straightened and lifted. After the size is appropriate, it should be temporarily fixed, and the correction and adjustment should be stopped. The connection and anchoring can be stopped without errors.

(5) The push-pull door device is required to push and pull sensitively; the swing-open door opens and closes tightly.

(6) Anti-theft installation shall be provided between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.

(7) The accessories such as handles, door locks, and inspection holes on the anti-theft door of the cloud shall be complete; multi-purpose password protection locks, electronic alarm password systems, doorbell paging, etc. installed on the anti-theft door must be effectively improved.

Feiyun Security Door Price Reference

Feiyun security door luxury single door 7cm Unit: yuan / fan ¥ 1,980.00

Feiyun anti-theft door deluxe child mother door 7 cm unit: yuan / fan ¥ 2,480.00

Feiyun security door door door 7 cm Unit: yuan / fan ¥ 2,180.00

Feiyun Security Doors - Luxury Door Security Doors Series-E-1(Standard), Reference Price: 3040 Yuan/樘

Feiyun Security Door - Luxury Door Anti-theft Security Door Series-E-6 (Standard), Reference Price: 3440 Yuan/樘

Feiyun Security Doors - Luxury Door Security Doors Series-E-1(Standard), Reference Price: 3040 Yuan/樘

Feiyun security door - luxury door anti-theft security door series -E-5 (non-standard), reference price: 1960 yuan / 樘

Feiyun security door - luxury door anti-theft security door series - E-2 (standard), reference price: 3040 yuan / 樘

Through the above Xiaobian on the cloud security door related to the introduction, I hope everyone on the purchase of security doors to help. For more building materials knowledge, please continue to pay attention to our website!

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