Zhang Gaoli: Consciously promoting green development and striving to build beautiful China

Zhang Gaoli, Vice Premier of the State Council and Chairman of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, attended the opening ceremony of the 2014 annual meeting of the CCICED in Beijing and delivered a speech.

The theme of this annual meeting is “Innovation of Management System for Green Development”. After the speeches of the Chinese and foreign vice-chairmen of the CCICED, Zhang Gaoli delivered a speech. He said that China has always attached great importance to ecological environmental protection, established resources conservation and environmental protection as basic national policies, implemented sustainable development strategies, and integrated ecological civilization construction into the overall layout of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that a good ecological environment is the most fair public product and the most inclusive benefit of the people; protecting the ecological environment means protecting productivity, improving the ecological environment is developing productive forces; moving toward a new era of ecological civilization, building a beautiful China is realizing An important part of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen ecological environmental protection and resolve to use hard measures to complete hard tasks. China's ecological environment protection is moving forward step by step.

Zhang Gaoli pointed out that China will continue to innovate its institutional mechanisms, consciously promote green development, and strive to build a beautiful China. First, strengthen environmental access, harden environmental standards, develop and expand strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, strictly control the development of high-energy and high-emission industries, and give full play to the role of optimizing the economic structure. The second is to deepen reform and innovation in the field of ecological and environmental protection, accelerate the reform of natural resources and product prices, vigorously develop the environmental protection market, promote third-party environmental pollution control, and give full play to the incentive mechanism of market mechanisms. The third is to speed up the construction of the legal system of ecological civilization, establish and improve the legal system of natural resources property rights, earnestly implement the implementation of the newly revised Environmental Protection Law, and give full play to the normative guarantee role of the environmental rule of law. Fourth, we must do a good job in key links and key areas, strictly follow the development of the main functional areas, accelerate the delineation of the red line of ecological protection, focus on solving outstanding environmental problems such as the atmosphere, water and soil pollution, and give full play to the government's guiding role. The fifth is to promote the formation of a pluralistic and co-governing situation, advocate a good ecological environment for everyone to build, everyone is responsible, everyone to share, give full play to the role of the public participation in supervision.

Zhang Gaoli said that over the past 20 years, the CCICED has provided an important platform for open dialogue between China and foreign countries, opened a door to bring international sustainable development experience to China, and set up a China and international community in the field of environment and development. The bridge of communication played an important role in promoting China's green development. The Chinese government will continue to actively support the development of the CCICED. It is hoped that CCICED will continue to play the role of intellectual intensive advantage and two-way communication platform to contribute to the green development of China and the world.

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