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Rongshida cabinets are one of the top ten cabinet brands in 2013. Rongshida cabinets are centered around the overall cabinets, and they strive to customize the kitchen furniture. Rongshida cabinets integrate environmental protection, health, exquisiteness, and security into one, and strive to build a world-renowned cabinet brand. Today, With Xiao Bian to see how Rongshida cabinets?

Rongshida kitchen and kitchen in Frankfurt, Germany specially built a kitchen and electricity center focused on the international trend of the original design, specializing in European products, and then bring the essence is very refined into China. Rongshida Advantage: The European original design and philosophy, through the selection and learning of the structure and materials, will combine European craftsmanship with Chinese traditional methods to create Rongshida cabinets that are in line with the habits of Chinese consumers.

Rongshida cabinet blue and white porcelain series

Blue-and-white porcelain is a popular element. Today, Rongshida applies it to the design of cabinets to perfectly express the artistic kitchen life. Rongshida's designers penetrate the whole cabinet with blue-and-white porcelain elements, using ancient Chinese ceramic art and interpreting modern paint textures. Through the construction of the kitchen space and the car mechanics group, they fully reflect modern people’s pursuit of leather and elegant life, and regard life as art. The attitude of life, the door printing is the original design of Rongshida, the exclusive display of the blue and green spirit of Dandan, the hidden design makes the whole set of cabinet farmers rich in content and endless aftertaste.

Full set of handleless, fully automatic drawer box touch-type cabinets, opening and closing easy and convenient. Highlight the care of humanity in science and technology. Special explosion-proof glass countertops, calm as water. The phenomenon of seepage of oil is completely eliminated. In a colleague with practical functions, the countertops are perfectly matched with the cabinets, and the whole set of products highlights the charm of the combination of classical culture and wisdom technology.

Rongshida Cabinet Countess Series

Neoclassicism advocates simplicity, tiresomeness and lavishness. The countess interprets the classic charm in a modern way. The elegant atmosphere has given birth to aristocratic atmosphere. The kitchen is the place where the hostess activities are more. Just as the Heavenly Master loves the beauty, the woman loves the beauty. The large-scale white use of the Countess series is used to create an elegant environment where cooking can be elegant. Light classic design style, meet the most modern and stylish modern people, transparent frosted glass and open shelf design, more practical storage in the classical, counter table and advice, few lines you add a different kind Art fun.

Rongshida cabinets cappuccino series

Tightened pearl white and agile gray wood form an interesting contrast. Romantic and elegant atmosphere, like the breeze of floating curtains in the afternoon. Large blocks of color stitching look stylish and personal. Harmony colors are expressed through textured platinum crystal plates, reflecting noble tastes. The T-shape uses a new scientific method to plan out the functional areas of the kitchen and create a new concept of a romantic kitchen.

Rongshida cabinets also have more than a dozen series of luxurious Cocoa manor styles with pastoral style, the Mediterranean impression of a modern kitchen, the Swan Lake with luxurious neo-institutionalism, and the juvenile school with innovative technology.

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