Mining submersible pump performance parameters

The existence of the performance parameters of mining submersible pumps directly reflects the value of the product, for mining submersible pumps such places to use more special equipment, its parameters directly lead to its efficiency and work safety. Next, we will detail the various types of mining submersible pump performance parameters. Mining submersible pump performance parameters 1, flow: also known as pumping capacity, mining submersible pump to send water within a certain period of time, the general unit of time is m3 / h or L / s. 2, head: Head in mining submersible pump is understood as the height of the transfer of liquid pressure in the international project is also used to represent Pa. The head of the mine submersible pumps that pumping water than the value-added energy parameters, pump lift is also the value of water than the value. In the actual project, we also calculate the pipeline loss. 3, shaft power: the role of the pump shaft impeller impeller power transmitted by N that unit to kW said. 4, mining pump efficiency: equal to the ratio of effective power / pump shaft power. The motor delivers electric power to the pump and can not all be passed to the water, with some loss inside the pump. We have shaft power and pump efficiency in the project We can calculate the power consumption, which is also the main part of the engineering cost accounting. 5, speed: mining pump impeller speed of motion is called the speed, expressed in units of movement in one minute. The unit is r / min. 6, turbidity balance: mainly refers to the pump inlet steam pressure energy, a certain amount of liquid over saturated pressure. Also affect the water absorption performance from different angles. Through the above six points of analysis, we can know that mine submersible pump is mainly through the flow, lift, speed and other parameters to reflect the adoption of the situation, only these parameters within a reasonable range, the device can work the most efficient and can be the maximum protection Work safety and environmental protection. Research and exploration of its parameters must be accelerated as the use of the product increases. Related Articles: Mine submersible pump features and functions of what? Mine Submersible Pump Fault Analysis and Solutions

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