National building waterproof sampling leakage rate of 95.33%

Yesterday afternoon, the Information Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Sichuan Province and the Sichuan Construction Science and Technology Development Center sponsored the Sichuan Construction Water Quality Improvement and Zhuobao Zero Defect Waterproof System Symposium held at Xinhua Hotel. In July of this year, China Construction Waterproofing Association and Beijing Zero Market Research & Analysis Co., Ltd. jointly released the 2013 National Construction Leakage Investigation Project Report. A sample survey of 2849 building roofing samples was conducted. There were 2,716 building roofing samples in different degrees. Leakage, leakage rate reached 95.33%. According to the information held by the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Information Center of the Ministry of Housing, Urban, and Housing Affairs, the leakage rate of buildings in Sichuan Province is lower than the national average.
Release date:2014/11/12 10:43:07

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