There is a reason for the slower lifting speed. Do not adjust the overflow valve by yourself

There is a reason for slower lifting and lowering speed. Do not adjust the overflow valve by yourself. The rate of rise and fall of the hydraulic elevator slows down, and the pressure relief valve is self-regulating. After the relief valve was adjusted, the rate of promotion did not improve. Instead, the elevator raised obstacles to suspension. In this case, Wuhan Hetaiding prompts you to adjust the relief valve of the hydraulic elevator into self-reconciliation. The emerging problem should be the same as the manufacturer in real time to avoid the loss of your economy. With regard to the reason why the lift landing rate becomes slower and the disposal party is please see below.
After the equipment is installed and used, signs of slowing occur due to poor use or aging and the use of hydraulic lifts for contaminants. After slowing down, first consider the flow of hydraulic oil. The factors affecting the flow of hydraulic oil include: hydraulic lines, hydraulic valves, hydraulic oil pumps, and motor speed control assemblies. The following small series gives you a summary of the four reasons for slowing down the rate and mediation.
Reason one: The hydraulic pipeline is probably congested. The hydraulic line is also a very important one, and it is checked whether the hydraulic line is fluent. Focus on checking whether the hydraulic valves include one-way stop valves, electromagnetic directional valves, proportional control valves, relief valves, etc. whether there is congestion or stuck signs. If there is a problem, wash or replace the hydraulic valve in time.
The reason two: hydraulic oil deterioration or impurities. After the hydraulic oil is used for a long period of time, the hydraulic oil may have impurities or have been deteriorated. Samples are taken and examined to see if they contain fluid particles, discoloration, and odor. If necessary, hydraulic oil must be changed.
The reason is three: the hydraulic pump is also an important factor influencing the flow of hydraulic oil. The use of an excessively long hydraulic pump can easily cause problems. When the speed of the hydraulic elevator platform becomes slow, it is necessary to check whether the flow rate of the hydraulic pump is constant. If the title of the invention contacts the manufacturer in real time, to avoid over-warranty.
The reason is due to four: the hydraulic system is probably leaking. Check whether the hydraulic system has signs of leakage, focus on checking the connection of the hydraulic pipe and the discussion, fuel tank, and hydraulic valve. If signs of leakage of hydraulic oil emerge, replace the composite pad or entangled raw tape.
Fucheng self-regulating relief valve relief valve is usually placed inside the pumping station with a regulating valve on one side. Its effect is to protect the hydraulic system against high pressure and to cherish the hydraulic system settings. It is hurt to simply set up the overflow valve. The pressure inside the oil cylinder or tubing is too large, and it will probably present the tension of blasting. Chongqing lifts customers' impediments due to their own mediation of overflow valves. Glorious did not create greater obstacles.
Only when the hydraulic lift can not start with the load, should check the pressure of the hydraulic system, if the pressure is lower than the normal scale, can adjust the relief valve setting value

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