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NTN opens high-resolution rotary sensor bearing

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-01-26

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NTN and France's SNR jointly announced the rotation of the bearing to the maximum 40 times the original bearing "equipped with high-resolution rotary sensor bearings." New products for color copiers and rotary control equipment; Complete high precision; and energy saving.
SNR's sensors are line sensors equipped with multiple electromagnetic sensors on the IC. They use the same ring magnet and electromagnetic sensor as the original product; when the ring magnet rotates; the N and S poles are replaced in front of the electromagnetic sensor. What is different is the measurement method. The N-pole or S-pole of the original product will output a pulse every time it crosses horizontally; compared with the new product, the new product will measure the high-resolution rotation signal continuously between the pole and the pole.
The operation principle of the new product is the same as that of the bearing released by Endian in August 2007. The inside of the line sensor; two sets of electromagnetic sensors are arranged side by side at 1/2 interval of the pole interval; the interval measured from the end of the N pole is assumed to be θ; The intensity of the magnetic force is sinusoidal with respect to θ. When the phase is shifted by 90°; the first group of sensors measure the sin wave; the second group of sensors measure the cos wave; after the values ​​of sin and cos, the pole and the pole can be measured. Orientation.
The IC scale is 6×7mm. Endian has used the bearing sensor device technology possessed by it; it has completed the miniaturization and high resolution of the bearing. The first batch is put into the ball bearing with an inner diameter of 15mm and an outer diameter of 35mm. The circle outputs up to 1280 products of the biphasic pulse signal (A; Phase B). That is to say; each output pulse corresponds to a rotation viewpoint of about 0.3°. It is also possible to distinguish the direction of rotation.

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