Big cherry night cream hazard can remedy

The large cherry flower is early, and it is very vulnerable to cold damage caused by the spring night frost. Smoke and frost protection is currently the most widely used method, and the high quality of the orchard can increase the temperature by about 2 °C. Smoked method: at least 5-6 piles of smoke per acre, evenly distributed in all positions. The haystack is 1.5 meters high and the bottom diameter is 1.5 to 1.7 meters. When stacking grass, insert a few thick wooden sticks in a straight line, and then pull out the venting holes after the sputum is finished. Place the flammable materials in the inside of the grass piles by the holes. The grass piles are covered with a layer of wet grass or wet mud. It lasts for a long time. It can also be made up of 2.5 parts of ammonium nitrate, 1 part of waste diesel oil and 6.5 parts of sawdust. The organic smoke agent is finely ground, mixed with waste diesel oil and sawdust, and ignited in an iron drum. Strengthen tree management, watering during flowering, and laying grass on the ground. Before the flowering, the tree was sprayed twice to protect the tree and keep warm. If frozen, it is necessary to shallowly loosen the soil, prevent soil compaction, increase soil aeration, and promote root growth. Roots can be used to root and promote root growth. Foliar application 1~2 times (5-7 days interval) to restore the tree potential. Use the flower king to control the growing garden. (Dani)

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