What is the method of chain store decoration? What should I pay attention to in the chain store decoration?

Now with the continuous development of society, people are decorating more and more houses. Some people are decorating their own homes, and some people are busy decorating their chain stores. Well, everyone knows that opening a chain store means that the business is very prosperous, so the chain store decoration can not be careless, must be a good hardcover, of course, some of the chain store owners will encounter these renovation problems, decoration home decoration Net Xiaobian can help you solve it.


First, the chain store decoration design method

1. The color treatment of shop decoration plays an important role in the design effect of the shop design. It should fully utilize the contrast and harmony of color to achieve the artistic characteristics of strengthening the shape and the thick modeling effect.

2. Create a perfect visual appeal. Under normal circumstances, the main color of the storefront is best with high brightness and warm color. The key parts can be based on the characteristics of the body and the needs of the commercial building decoration atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color.

3, in order to highlight the identification of the store, the store's brand name, logo pattern and markers, etc., can also use high-purity color, giving people a dazzling display.

4, the chain store requirements for the store floor height is generally more than 3 meters, but because most of the selected storefronts are at the bottom, most of the ceilings have pipes for plumbing, wire and fire pipes.

5. At this time, do not install a ceiling canopy to isolate these pipes, as long as these pipes are painted in pure white and the light source can be placed under the pipe, which can ensure the space of the store and save money.

6, the width of the checkout channel is generally designed to be 1-1.2 meters, which is the best size that two customers can pass normally; the length is generally 6 meters, that is, after deducting the length of the checkout itself itself is about 2 meters, the checkout counter The distance to the nearest shelf should be at least 4 meters to ensure there is enough room for waiting customers to line up.

7, the design of the chain store channel should be as straight and long as possible, try to reduce the corners and partitions, and use the display of goods, so that customers are not easy to produce fatigue and boredom, subconsciously extend the stay in the store.

8. The passages are generally separated by shelves. The height of the shelves is preferably between 1.8 and 2 meters. The topmost products on the shelves can be flat or slightly higher than the natural sight of the customers, and no visual fatigue will occur.


Second, chain store decoration design considerations

1. Opening a catering franchise store must first choose a good place. One is the place where the company has more office buildings, and the other is the place where residents live in intensive places. Both of these places can guarantee business at noon and evening. There are many ways to choose a storefront.

2, you can use media ads, transfer ads in front of the store, you can also directly find a newly developed house, and talk to the landlord.

3, there is another way is to choose a good location, directly to the door and the store owner to contact, regardless of what the other party is doing now.

4, in addition, you can also take advantage of the effect of the store Dolly City. Don't think that places with more stores are not suitable for entry.

5, if there are more small hotels in a street, it will cause the effect of the store Dolly City. Business is easier to do than single-handedly. The key is to make a difference between so many stores and other stores.

6. After the decoration has confirmed the storefront and location of the catering franchise store, it can be renovated. Consumer demand is rising, and the storefront environment is becoming more and more important in restaurants. A good environment can sometimes be a key factor in the success of a store.

7, the store environment, it does not mean that the more you invest, the better, more in design. Sometimes, spending a small amount of money to design a mud wall to reflect the positioning of Tujia cuisine, but it is very attractive to customers.

8, decoration is a very complicated process, the decoration of the restaurant is not the same as the general home decoration, it will also involve professional issues such as environmental protection, fire protection, etc. In the process of decoration, please go to the professionals, it is best to find before the renovation begins. The head chef or the person with the restaurant management experience is responsible for it and they can provide a lot of advice.

Now the friends who opened the chain store have seen the decoration design method above. Is there already inspiration, ready to go back and design and decorate your chain store! There are also the precautions of the decoration chain store mentioned in the above article. Be sure to read more. It is very troublesome to prevent any bad problems in the decoration design process. Everyone still wants to know the decoration information, you can continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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