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People in the kitchen cooking food, so the decoration can not be ignored, if not pay attention, may lead to many problems in the later period. Nowadays, the whole kitchen favored by everyone is not only more convenient and practical, but also more beautiful. Then, we will introduce you to the kitchen decoration notice .

Kitchen decoration notes

1, the laying of water circuit

Kitchen water and power design should be considered comprehensively, and outlets and sockets must be reserved. If you want to add more kitchen equipment afterwards, you will find that there are fewer socket outlets. However, the outlet must be far away from the water source and stove to prevent leakage.

2, lighting design

Kitchen lighting design can be divided into two levels, one is the overall kitchen lighting, the other is a partial lighting; kitchen lighting should be sufficient, the lighting must be white, otherwise it will affect the color judgment, and to avoid light shadows, not suitable for use Spotlights.

3, storage space

To make full use of the kitchen space, it is best to receive the contents of the cabinet, oil, salt and vinegar, these commonly used materials, but also into the cabinet, because the kitchen fumes can not be avoided.

4, the choice of floor

The kitchen floor is the best choice for non-slip tiles, to avoid slipping, causing bodily injury, and the color and gloss of the floor should also pay attention to, too dark or too bright space to use matte and elegant color tiles.

5, ceiling installation

The ceiling of the kitchen should be fireproof and heat-resistant, and there should be no gap between ceilings. The wall cabinet can be directly connected to the ceiling because the ceiling tends to condense water vapor and soot. Ceiling should not be too high, nor too low, too high to clean, too low to be dirty

6, the height of the table

The height of the table top is preferably 80-85 cm, and the height of the door handle of the hanging cabinet door should be convenient for the most frequent users, and the door handle should be easy to hold, and the place for convenient storage is preferably used for placing regular products.

Editor's summary: The introduction of kitchen decoration items was introduced here. I hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Kitchen Decoration Notice Kitchen Decoration Notes

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